Welcome to the National Aviation Museum of Korea,

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The National Aviation Museum of Korea(NAMOK) opened on 5 July 2020 inside Gimpo International Airport, one of the gateways to Seoul, Korea.

The opening date commemorates the opening of the aviation school established by the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea on 5 July 1920 with the desire for the independence of the motherland. From the first proud Korean pilots to the air force pilots who fought for the country in the Korean War, Korea's aviation history has had a stromy beginning. Since then, South Korea has made remarkable progress and is now a global aviation powerhouse, opening the world-class Incheon International Airport, producing its own fighter jets and preparing for a new aviation culture with UAM. The National Aviation Museum strives to be the world's leading museum that captures the history of Korean aviation, looks to the present, and leads the way for aviation culture in the future.

The National Aviation Museum brings your greatest dreams close to home.

Thank you.

Ahn, Tae-hyun
President / CEO of the National Aviation Museum of Korea