Privacy Policy

50th Conference of CIMUSET Seoul 2023(CIMUSET Seoul 2023) values the protection and privacy of the delegates' personal information in accordance with the related law, the Personal Information Protection Act. We collect personal information in order to provide the conference services only, such as registration, survey, events, etc. We do not use the collected information for anything other than the intended purpose of the conference.

1Collection and Use of Personal Information and Presentation Materials
  • Items of personal information will be collected as above: Title, Name, Nationality, Organization, Department, Position, Mobile phone, E-mail, Profile photo, Passport Copy, etc.
  • Items of presentation materials collected: Abstract, Presentation Materials, Presentation Video Recording (if needed), etc.
2Purpose of Collection and Use of Collected Information and Presentation Materials
  • To manage registrants
  • To contact and provide the conference information
  • To promote the conference in public relations materials.
3Duration of Retention and Use of Information

CIMUSET Seoul 2023 will keep the collected information until it fulfills its purposes and delete the information immediately. However, we will retain a part of the information for specific reason indicated below;

  • To manage registrants: 1 year after the conference ends.
  • To provide further information related to the conference and additional online service: 1 year after the conference ends.
4Copyright Release
  • To use, reproduce, and distribute the presentation with a royalty-free license. This license does not change the fact that the speaker retains copyright ownership of the presentation.
  • To record, reproduce, publish, and distribute the presentation in the conference proceedings and such work will be made available to all attendees after the conference.
  • A perpetual license to: (1) copy, reproduce, publish and distribute the work in all print and other formats (including but not limited to an online publication on YouTube or on any other OTT services. (2) reprint the work for distribution; and (3) make the work available for distribution after the conference.
  • No obligation to pay the speaker for the permission/license granted to the conference Secretariat to reproduce, publish and distribute the work as set forth above.
  • To use the speaker’s individual information with biographical data in connection with the use and promotion of the conference.
  • To indemnify and hold harmless CIMUSET Seoul 2023, its officers, and staff from any and all claims of copyright infringement made against and arising out of the work and the presentation of the work at the conference.
  • Speaker further represents and warrants that if the work contains material from other works protected by copyright.
5Portrait Right Release
  • The Secretariat plans to use photos and videos captured during the conference to promote and document the event, including posting them on the conference webpage and social media. The Secretariat owns the rights to the copyrighted works produced by the filming and they will not be used or provided for any other purposes.
6Outsourcing of Processing of Personal Information
  • CIMUSET Seoul 2023 is hosted and organized by CIMUSET Seoul 2023. The host permits the Secretariat, HAN COMPANY, to use speakers’ information for the preparation of the conference.